Cognitive Skills



We overthink or we don’t think enough. When we try to focus, we can’t. When we want to relax, our mind is too focused. When we need to make a quick decision, we can’t and we hold back. When we need to take time to make a decision, we don’t and we act impulsively.  

When are the best decisions made and how can we learn to think or “unthink” when we need to?  How can we learn to trust our instincts more when we need to? 

This webinar will explore these fundamental questions, which have even more relevance in the difficult and uncertain times in which we currently find ourselves.


By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

Identify the key thought processes of the conscious and sub-conscious psychological mind.

Explain the way we can learn to think and “unthink” when we need to. 

Implement a strategy that will help to relieve stress in thought processes and ensure we are more confident in trusting our instincts.

Session Length:  1 hour